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Masonry Maintenance 101: Tips to Preserve the Beauty of Your Brick and Stone

Updated: May 31

Masonry Maintenance 101: Tips to Preserve the Beauty of Your Brick and Stone

Natural bricks and stone add depth, texture, and timeless beauty to your property. Your home is an investment that you want to protect and keep looking beautiful for a lifetime. Taking time to care for and maintain these special features will keep them durable and long-lasting. 

Whether you are looking for guidance to tackle outdoor maintenance yourself, or seeking seasoned masonry contractors in Doylestown PA, or the surrounding areas, Keystone Masonry is here to improve your curb appeal. Our experienced team provides masonry services customized to your specific needs. We deliver “quality every time.” Take a look at helpful tips our team prepared to maintain the beauty of your brick and stone.

Regular Cleaning Is The First Step

Your home’s exterior is your family's first line of defense against everyday seasonal and extreme weather events. Dirt, grime, moss, algae, and other organic materials build up, cause stains, and should be removed at least once every year. All it takes is a soft brush and soapy water to wash off most of the debris from the surface. 

Tougher stains and built-up organic matter may require special cleaning solutions. A home remedy mixture of equal parts warm water and white vinegar or warm water and bleach is usually effective. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners or high-powered pressure washers, because you don’t want to damage the stone and brick. 

If you use a pressure washer, set it on the lowest setting and stand at least one foot away from the surface. If power washing doesn’t work, contact our Keystone Masonry team, and we will help you effectively remove the most stubborn stains.

Inspecting Mortar For Structural Integrity

We get it. Life gets busy. Your everyday routine takes your attention away from regular home inspections. Most of the time, instead of being proactive, we react to problems that arise like damaged mortar, broken stones, or other structural damage. It doesn’t have to go that far with regular maintenance, cleaning, and inspections. 

Mortar is a product that bonds bricks and stone together and keeps everything in place. Repointing is a process that removes the old mortar and replaces it with new mortar to maintain your home's structural integrity. This process also prevents unwanted, damaging water and moisture from settling behind the brick and stone.

Waterproofing and Proper Drainage is Important

Water is not your stone or brick feature's best friend. It needs a way to flow away from your home. Waterproofing and proper drainage systems are key to healthy brick and stone features. Professionally and properly installed gutters and downspouts are designed to send water away from the house and are proven methods for managing moisture and water pooling. 

Keep in mind that gutters can get clogged with leaves, sticks, and even wildlife nests. This is why they should be inspected and cleaned out regularly to keep water flowing freely. Waterproofing using a breathable sealant will protect against water pooling leading to surface damage. Another tip to manage moisture is to trim foliage and keep landscaping away from the stone and brick features to provide ample air circulation and sunlight.

Protect Your Investment: Contact Keystone Masonry Today

Our masonry contractors in Quakertown PA, and the surrounding areas, will work with you to preserve your home’s beauty and structural integrity. Whether you need to clean your brick and stone, restore it, or create a brand-new feature, our team will work with you and provide professional results. Our skilled, courteous contractors have a proven track record and are dedicated to delivering excellence in every project. Contact us today.

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