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Masonry Contractor in Newtown Square, PA

Bringing your vision to life is our specialty at Q&E Keystone Masonry. We proudly offer an array of traditional and cutting-edge masonry services, blending ease of customization with a steadfast focus on resilient materials, precision installations, and all-around excellence. With our professional masons supporting your patio, siding, or custom stone and brickwork project, our Newtown Square, PA team powers every update with: 


  • The toughest materials in the industry

  • Fair and upfront project estimates

  • Years of custom home improvement expertise

  • Flexible design guidance is included with every service

  • Licensed, code-compliant, and organized project management


At Q&E Keystone Masonry, the details matter. We never settle for less than precision, going above and beyond to honor your budget, timeline, and stylistic preferences. Even if you have a one-of-a-kind patio, outdoor kitchen, or driveway request, if it’s made of concrete, brick, stone, or stucco, our Newtown Square pros can build it for you. The result? A multipurpose home improvement that adds lasting value and style to your home! 

Masonry contractor newtown square pa

What Masonry Services Do We Provide?

All of our masonry services in Newtown Square, PA are fine-tuned for your property and design preferences. If you want to highlight your home while worrying less about maintenance, built-to-last upgrades like stone veneer or stucco siding are great upgrade options. If you need a stronger stone or brickwork design for the walkway, garden, or porch, we can customize pillars, build an entertaining space, or upgrade any other area of your property with the resilience of hardscaping. 


Other high-end masonry installation and remediation services we offer in Newtown Square, PA include: 


  • Stucco painting & repair

  • Stamped concrete decks & patios

  • Stairway, walkway, & driveway improvement

  • Like-new power washing services

  • Garden features & retaining walls 

  • Structural features like home foundations

  • Brickwork like chimney liners & mortar repairs

  • Decorative paver, tile, & stone additions

  • & More


All of these masonry possibilities come with limitless ways to make the features your own. Whether you need help with a simple crack repair or a full-scale exterior renovation project,  turn-key project management is standard with our pros on the build. 

Stucco is Applied To Masonry Surfaces as an Exterior Finish

Among our most popular home improvement services, our fresh stucco installations and stucco remediations in Malvern, PA unite the best of visual enhancement with advanced weatherproofing. Before replacing your stucco, or brick, or investing in an inferior plank material, our remediation and stucco painting team may be able to restore your home for less. 

Did you know that stucco can be used to cover unsightly stains, shield your underlying materials, and is exceptionally easy to maintain? The multi-faceted benefits of stucco also come with a variety of finishing styles. We can coordinate the final color to match your windows and roofing, or we can mix and match multiple exterior styles like stucco, stone veneer, and brickwork to defend your home and upgrade the aesthetic. 

Depend On Our Pros for Cost-Saving Project Management

All remediations and installations start with helpful information at Q&E Keystone Masonry. Even if you are only researching materials and project ideas for the future, we are more than happy to help you compare and contrast worthwhile improvement ideas. For design recommendations, an informative project estimate, or assistance with any other masonry restoration or installation needs, contact our company for no-obligation guidance today.

stucco remediation newtown square pa
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