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Masonry Services in Ambler, PA

Welcome to Q&E Keystone Masonry, a dedicated company offering masonry services in Ambler, PA and surrounding communities. From stucco remediation to hardscaping and stamped concrete in Montgomery County, PA towns like Ambler, our company transforms outdoor spaces. With a team of contractors who deeply understand materials, designs, and construction techniques used in masonry work, you can trust that we’ll leave your property better than you imagined it.

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Do You Need Stucco Remediation in Ambler, PA?

One of the major masonry services we offer in Ambler, PA is stucco remediation. This service entails more than simply repairing the stucco. It means fixing the underlying problem. In most cases, we will have to replace the whole stucco system to address the root cause of the issue, which is often faulty installation. How can you tell you need remediation services? Here are some signs.

  • Huge cracks: Small cracks shouldn’t be alarming, but when you notice huge cracks on the stucco surface, you need remediation services to address the underlying issues.

  • Water stains: This indicates water is penetrating through the stucco and affecting the structure.

  • Soft or spongy areas: This means that moisture has significantly affected the stucco, leading to deterioration.

  • Signs of mold: If you notice signs of mold on your walls, it’s because moisture is getting trapped within the stucco.

  • Visible gaps: Visible separation between the stucco and structures like the door or windows indicates that the stucco is shifting because of moisture-related expansion and contraction

  • Peeling or flaking: If the stucco is peeling or flaking in multiple areas, you likely have an underlying water damage issue, and you need remediation.

The surest way to know whether you need stucco remediation is by scheduling an inspection with our contractors. Understand that stucco remediation is an extensive job. Fortunately, we have the skills you need! 

What is the Stone Veneer Installation Process?

Our stone veneer installation process is smooth. This has earned us a good reputation as one of the leading companies in stone veneer installation in Bucks County, PA, and the surrounding communities. Take a look at the steps involved in the installation process.

  1. General surface preparation: Before installing the stone veneer, we first clean the surface we want to work with and ensure its structurally sound.

  2. Install vapor barrier and lath: The moisture barrier prevents water infiltration to your home, and the lath is a metal mesh that provides a foundation for the mortar to adhere to and distribute the stone veneer’s weight.

  3. Applying scratch coat: Next, we apply the scratch coat of mortar over the lath, creating a rough surface, and leave it for 24 hours or more to dry

  4. Installing the stone veneer: The last step is installing the stone veneer. We will arrange them based on your aesthetic goals.

  5. Grouting: Depending on the look you’re going for, we can apply grout between the pieces to enhance its appearance.

We finish off by cleaning and removing excess smudges on the stone for a polished look. While you may be tempted to DIY this type of stonework, we suggest leaving it to the professional. Any mistake you make, especially when mixing materials, can lead to costly repairs.

Want to install a stamped concrete patio in Lansdale, PA or need other masonry services? Look no further than Q&E Keystone Masonry! Our team of experts can handle jobs of different sizes and scopes. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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